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The Benefits of Linalool   Linalool is a terpene alcohol that is widely known for it's role in lavender. Lavender essential oil has been used for centuries across various cultures to promote relaxation, prevent anxiety, and is believed to offer a wide range of medicinal benefits. This terpenoid occurs in lavender, basil, bay leaf, hops, as well as cannabis and hemp. Linalool is described as a floral aroma with spicy undertones and is often correlated to purple cultivars although it is actually a prominent terpenoid in many indica and sativa varieties.   Linalool is seldom, if ever the primary terpene in...

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Thank you for visiting the Phyto-Tec Terpene Discussion blog. While many of us are familiar with terpenes in a broad sense, many do not know that terpenes are also the major constituents of essential oils. Essential oils, terpenes, and aromatherapy in general have been studied for centuries across various cultures and are believed to yield a wide range of health benefits. While many of these uses in medicine are largely unfounded, many terpenes have their own unique role in nature. I will be routinely updating this blog to include brief updates on various different terpenes and other volatile organic compounds...

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