All about Cannabinol Cannabinoid (CBN)

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All about Cannabinol Cannabinoid (CBN)

Cannabinol Cannabinoid and How To Decide Where To Buy CBN Online:

Today I will be going over the unique cannabinoid cannibinol, also known as CBN. Cannabinol is unusual in the sense that it is not technically produced by the cannabis (or hemp) plant, but instead is a byproduct of other cannabinoids. At the moment, you are not necessarily going to find strains high in CBN. CBN is often said to be the result of delta 9 THC degradation, and for this reason it is widely believed that CBN levels will be very high in aged material, old, overheated, or darker concentrates, but the truth is it's not always that simple As a matter of fact, the majority of CBN online is made semi-synthetically using a catalyst like sulfur (and heat) to expedite the reaction. While this type of process can be done safely, these types of reactions can inadvertently initiate other side reactions that will cause unknown and potentially dangerous impurities to exist in the oil. While it is best to seek the highest purity possible (97%-99% CBN isolate), lower purity CBN distillate is not necessarily bad as long as the impurities are things like THC, CBD, CBC, or other safe-to-consume cannabinoids. It is essential that CBN suppliers are doing their due diligence to test every batch and CBN sellers should be transparent about the chemicals involved in their production. 


For these reasons, I will be periodically updating this blog post to go over places to buy CBN online as Cannabinol being so new to the industry is still a relatively niche product. The price to buy Cannabinol can be remarkably high, with many online retails charging around $90 a gram. With licensed producers developing more advanced and higher yielding methods to produce CBN distillate and CBN isolate, the price will likely drop in 2020 as more labs enter the market and as industry SOP's are optimized. At the moment, the CBN market demand is quite low but those who have experienced the therapeutic effects of cannabinol know that it has a very perceptible effect that many report as relaxing or even sleep-inducing. CBN for sleep seems to be the most promising application based off of the early user reports of high-CBN concentrates like Cannabinol isolate. Due to how low the percentages of CBN usually are in plants and extracts, the effects of high CBN extracts especially in conjunction with other cannabinoids like Cannabigerol (CBG) or CBD are still for the most part new grounds.


 Producers of CBN distillate and CBN isolate are encouraged to reach out using the site's contact form if they would like to provide lab results and sales information.